Z Farms Organic Food


The Red Devon has several assets, which recommend it for use in today's competitive beef market. The breed's history as a dual purpose animal gives it greater maternal ability than most other beef breeds. The Devon is known for high quality beef, and the breed's hardiness and grazing ability makes it an excellent choice for grass based production. The Devon is distantly related to other British and European breeds found in North America, so it provides great hybrid vigor when used in commercial crossbreeding.

The Katahdin is selected to be an efficient meat producing sheep adapted to a wide variety of environments. While the winter coat provides enough protection for the sheep to thrive in cold climates, their short, hair coat allows them to tolerate the heat and humidity of warmer regions. Katahdins demonstrate greater parasite resistance than commercial wooled breeds, and research is underway to document other performance characteristics.

The primary characteristic of the Kiko-Boer goat is its hardiness and its ability to achieve substantial weight gains when run under natural conditions without supplementary feeding. In addition, the female is capable of conceiving, carrying and giving birth to and rearing multiple offspring without intervention under less than ideal conditions. The Kiko is an aggressive forager, capable of thriving under conditions of feed deprivation.

The livestock animals - cows, sheep and goats - are raised utilizing rotational grazing method on the lush pastures of clover, alphalpha and grasses. In winter we feed them hay collected from our certified organic fields as well as nutritional supplements, herbs and minerals.