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Our farm stand open 8am - 7pm every day.
We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

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We ship our products UPS ground (next days delivery) to 5 states - NY(except Rochester and Buffalo areas), NJ, CT(except New London area), MA(except Boston area), VT. Free shipment for Year-round meat, poultry orders over $100 (requiring cooler).
We deliver to Manhattan, NYC first Sunday of every month
($125 minimum order) and locally 20 miles radius from
the farm ($75 minimum order) last Sunday of every month.
For payment with the credit cards and Pay Pal, please, follow the links below.
For delivery & payment with check or cash,
please, email zfarmsorganic@gmail.com or call 917-319-6414.
Freshly processed poultry is available per your request.
We give 10% discount for regular customer.

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Pre-order Certified organic grass fed whole live Cattle deposit (cost is $3/lb of live weight)
Pre-order Certified organic grass fed Processed Cattle deposit (cost per hanging weight plus processing)
Certified organic grass fed Lamb
Certified organic grass fed Sheep
Certified organic grass fed Beef
Certified organic grass fed Beef
Certified Organic 1 dozen Eggs box
Certified organic grass fed Goats
Pasture-raised Certified Organic Turkey
Pasture-raised Certified Organic Chicken & Duck available from 6/2019