Our farm stand open 10am - 6pm every day.
We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

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We ship our products UPS ground (next days delivery) to 5 states - NY(except Rochester and Buffalo areas), NJ, CT(except New London area), MA(except Boston area), VT. Free shipment for Year-round meat, poultry orders over $100 (requiring cooler). We deliver to Manhattan, NYC first Sunday of every month
($125 minimum order) and locally 20 miles radius from
the farm ($75 minimum order) last Sunday of every month.
For payment with the credit cards and Pay Pal, please, follow the links below.
For delivery & payment with check or cash,
please, email zfarmsorganic@gmail.com or call 917-319-6414.
Freshly processed poultry is available per your request.
We give 10% discount for regular customer.

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Pre-order Certified organic grass fed whole live Cattle deposit (cost is $3/lb of live weight)
Pre-order Certified organic grass fed Processed Cattle deposit (cost per hanging weight plus processing)
Certified organic grass fed Lamb
Certified organic grass fed Sheep available from 12/2019
Certified organic grass fed Beef
Certified organic grass fed Beef
Certified Organic 1 dozen Eggs box
Certified organic grass fed Goats available from 12/2019
Pasture-raised Certified Organic Turkey available from 11/2019
Pasture-raised Certified Organic Chicken available from 11/2019