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Z Farms Photo - calf

The Devon Cows is a popular breed well adjusted to outdoor rotational grazing method.
We started the flock 2 years ago and planning to increase number of animals by breeding.
They are good mothers and are very friendly with people and sheep and goats with whom
they are sharing pastures 9 months of the year.

Z Farms Photo - Calves1                 


Z Farms Photo - Goats

The goats are Kiko-Boer breed that is mostly used for meat.
They are friendly and curious animals and get along well with everyone at the farm.
The meat is tender, juicy and reminds lamb but with more earthly overtones.


Z Farms Photo - Katadhin_lamb   

Small flock of Katahdin sheep that we manage is easy to handle and have good parasite resistance.
They have hair instead of wool and do not require shearing.
The breed originated at Caribbean Islands and became increasingly popular in the US since 1950th.
The meat is lean and textured with good flavor suitable for traditional grilling
as well as for more health friendly baking, stewing and slow-cooking.