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Our ducks

The ducks shown at the pictures are White Crescent and Magpie. They are dual purpose birds bred for both eggs and meat.

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Our broilers

Moyers colored broilers arrived to the farm as 1 day old chicks from Moyers Poultry in Quakertown , PA - a reputable hatchery that has been in business for a long time. They are brown-red colored birds that have resistant genetics providing good textured flavorful meat for the discriminating consumer. The Colored Broilers are the slower growing birds than the Cornish Cross, growing to a live weight of 5 pounds in 9 weeks. They were kept in brooders for 3 weeks and then they went to live in the mobile chicken coops on the pastures. The coops were moved frequently and the birds were at the fresh paddock of land every day. They were able to scratch in the grass looking for bugs and insects.

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Our turkeys

The turkeys are White Broad Breasted birds from California Hatchery.

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